Unusual date night ideas

The first date is vital, but the second one is no less important. It can improve the impression greatly, if you were not at your best on the first date, and it can nail down your success, if you made a good showing. Avail of our great second date ideas and choose the one that will go in line with the first date (if it was successful) or will have the edge over your first failure.

Best Second Date Ideas

  • Go active. Paintballing, renting bikes or horse riding can be real fun and allow giving a good showing to your skills – however, you need to be sure that you have some, as well as that your partner is not afraid of horses.
  • Go romantic. Fabulous rooftop dinner or a picnic on the beach are among our favorite second date ideas for Miami, since it is a sin to live here and fail to take advantage of the cityscape and seaside. Candles, flowers, live music and other romantic attributes are mandatory.
  • Go shopping. Both men and women like shopping – the point is where and what. Yard sales and outdoor flea markets can be great options, especially if you present the shopping as a kind of treasure hunting. A loser pays for dinner! (make sure to lose).
  • Go sightseeing. A nice walk through a local botanical garden or a drive to a hidden picturesque site will give you plenty of time for talks, while delighting the eye and indulging the soul.