The best way to propose

The most   unique ideas to propose to a girl   are the ones that embody the dream of your beloved person. If you know that your loved one won’t appreciate just any kind of proposal then pay close attention to what he/she says, his or her favorite movies, and certainly the signs, and employ the most   creative ideas to propose to the girl  of your dreams.

If you don’t know what are the best ideas about how to propose to a girl, then follow these three simple rules in order to make an ideal proposal:
1. Devote some time to organizing the proposal ceremony. You don’t need to rush things but rather ask for help in case you are not sure where to start or you don’t have enough time.
2. Pick the ideal time and place.
3. Choose the ideal ring. It doesn’t have to be the classic diamond ring. Perhaps she would like the ring with an emerald, a ruby, or even something crazy like a piece of meteorite.

The most beautiful places for proposal-making in Miami:
1. Rooftops with an astonishing city view
2. Villas and mansions
3. Special beach locations.
4. A yacht or a boat with a great ocean view