The best marriage proposal ideas

Check out these six awesome ideas from Cloud Nine to pop a question.

Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

1. The proposal in the museum

A specific option for those who like going to museums. If you are not sure that your partner will be overjoyed by this kind of proposal, don’t risk it.

2. Romantic scavenger hunt

Organize a romantic quest around the city which will end with a proposal. Make sure that the tasks on this quest gradually lead her to understand that you are going to propose. Otherwise, it may spoil the occasion a bit.

3. The proposal near the lighthouse

Lighthouse is a symbol of light and warmth. The dinner at the lighthouse is one of the best   surprise marriage proposal  ideas. Tell her that she is the light that guided you through the stormy sea to life to the harbor of happiness.

4. The gondola proposal

Make a proposal on a gondola. It can be preceded by a party themed like a Venetian carnival or followed by a dinner at this gondola.

5. The unusual place

Make the proposal in an unusual place: on the ruins of an old castle or in a beautiful greenhouse. You can turn your proposal into a Shakespeare’s play or jungle adventure, just don’t forget to use your imagination.

6. Moving letter

Are you moving to a new house? Then leave some love-filled messages on the walls on the old house and decorate them with rose petals.

7. The First date spot

The romantic wedding proposal at the place where you went on a first date. A chance to relive this unforgettable experience and an opportunity to show her that your relationship is moving on to the next level.

8. Marry Me letters

Place big letters on the beach or in front of her house that say MARRY ME? If you think that it might be a bit cheesy, then you are wrong! The practice shows that this proposal method works every time and it is at the top of the list of every woman’s dream.