Planning a date for your boyfriend

Dating is one of the best parts of romantic life. Dates always give you and your partner a plethora of positive emotions and memories. It is widely considered that men are mostly responsible for organizing dates, but some men aren’t really fond of generating ideas for romantic dates, or they just don’t have enough inspiration. But we are living in the age of gender equality, so it is absolutely fine if you think of romantic date ideas for your boyfriend.

There is a golden rule of dating: the more unusual and interesting your dates, the better. Don’t try to hold your imagination down when planning a date for your boyfriend. So, how do you prepare and organize such a date? Make a list of the best restaurant in the city that will fit your idea of a perfect date; think of some form of entertainment which will precede the dinner: the VIP spots at a football game, a boxing match or a visit to an art gallery. Think carefully about whether or not you want to catch your boyfriend by surprise by organizing this date. Once you thought it all through, consider these romantic date ideas for your boyfriend that are suitable for traditional couples as well as for the LGBT ones:

  • #1 Organize a wine or beer-tasting marathon around the city. By the end of the evening, you will definitely be in the mood for any further romantic adventures.
  • #2 Take a few lessons in erotic massage. Your boyfriend will surely appreciate such a treat after a long day at work.
  • #3 Rent a small movie theater where you will watch his favorite movie all by yourselves.
  • #4 If your boyfriend loves dancing, get a pass to an exclusive club in Miami that has the best DJs in town.
  • #5 If you are an open-minded person, you can even take your boyfriend to a strip club where you will both buy a private dance.