How to plan a picnic on the beach

When someone living on the Atlantic coast of Florida County wants to impress their spouse with something really sweet, the idea of a picnic on the beach is the first to start up. But how to plan a romantic picnic on the beach so it can run smoothly and be a huge hit? Here are some tips from Cloud Nine in Miami on how to shake your better half to the core.

Steps to Arrange a Romantic Date for Wife or Girlfriend

  • Find a unique place. It is a bad idea to arrange your romantic picnic on a pilgrimage site however picturesque it might be. You should look out something nice, yet available, since some cities of Miami-Dade and Broward require permission for certain beach events.
  • Choose the right date and time. It is no good to make a date on a busy spot, as well as to get it spoiled by bad weather, so make sure that the timing is perfect.
  • Get prepared with décor. You will need plaid blankets, pillows, candles or lanterns, flowers, tableware and even beach furniture to feel really comfortable. The décor should be classy and mix well.
  • Get something to eat. Cheese and fruit platters, berries, desserts and other dainties are great for a picnic. As for alcoholic beverages, make sure they are permitted on the beach you chose.
  • Find some help. You may need assistance with all these choosing and purchasing, as well as with arranging your small romantic oasis, while you will be wandering around the beach with your loved one to stumble across it by surprise.