How to have a beach picnic

Is there anything more romantic than a picnic at the beach? You can think of many things, but can they really compete with the tenderness of sunsets and dawns, with the smell and sound of seaside, with the softness of the sand under your feet? Just imagine all these and add romantic candles shimmering in the dark, fine fragrance of flowers mixing with the fresh sea air and cozy plaid blankets embracing you and your loved one – isn’t it a real fairy tale? But to make this true, you need to learn how to have a romantic picnic on the beach.

Arrangements for a perfect picnic on the beach

  • Find the right place and right time for your picnic – you won’t be happy to find out that a would-be romantic site is not available or overcrowded.
  • Create an atmosphere. The sky and the sea are all yours, but this is hardly enough for a special occasion. Take care of throw blankets, pillows, candles, flowers and even beautiful table appointments.
  • Prepare delicious stand-up meal and make sure to choose foods that won’t be spoiled fast in the open air.
  • If appropriate, download romantic music to your mobile device to add to the atmosphere. But the best idea is to invite a live guitarist – think of it.
  • Check in advance that it is permitted to have picnics on the chosen beach, as well as that real candles and open fire are allowed there.

If you take care of the details described, you are sure to have great romantic picnic with your partner.