Romantic rooftop dinner date

Do you want to share all stars in the sky with someone who you adore? Literally? Then we’ve got a great idea for you – a romantic rooftop date. Can you imagine this boundless sky over your heads and the gorgeous view of the nightlit city beneath? It’s like a breathtaking scene from a movie, but you can make it even more exciting by taking your partner by surprise. What a stunning effect it will have, when you ask your other half to accompany you to a secret place and then bring him or her to the roof, where romantic candles are lit, a table is beautifully set and a musician plays live music. Wow! Get inspired by our rooftop date ideas to impress your loved one!

How to arrange a rooftop dinner date

  • You need to concoct a convenient excuse for tempting your partner into a trap (in a good sense, of course). A new restaurant or a sightseeing platform or a skating rink on the upper level of the building – anything will do to explain the need to go upstairs. Alternatively, you can blindfold your partner at the entrance to the building.
  • Don’t limit your arrangements to a table with a bottle of champagne – no way! Take a personal approach by engaging things, themes or colors your partner likes. And don’t forget about delicious menu, gorgeous flowers, romantic lights and candles.
  • For added effect, arrange a blindfold dinner, where you will be tasting dishes brought by a waiter in the dark – completely new and exciting experience is guaranteed!