Beach proposal ideas

There are usual beach walks but there also are romantic dates on the beach which end up with the surprise that she's been anticipating for a long time. Believe us, she's been expecting it for a while. Imagine how you both are walking on the beach, feasting your eyes on the ocean, and then suddenly you find yourselves in a fairy tale. 

Cute Date Ideas on the Beach

Here is one of the best   date on the beach ideas. Declare your love for her as loudly as possible. Do it like in the movies: place huge letters on the beach which form the famous line, “Will you marry me?”. Don’t forget to put some flowers and additional elements of decoration, especially if you plan to make the proposal at dusk. By the way, if you want to make the evening proposal even more mind-blowing, use the light-up letters.
Make sure to clarify with the local authorities whether you need to get a permit for the installation of letters, and don’t forget to bring someone who will help with setting up letters and decorations.

Perfect Date on the Beach: Treasure Hunt

If you are not sure of how to have a date on the beach, here is an original idea. You can go on a treasure hunt with the metal detector. If you have never done this before, rest assured that she will love the thrill of the adventure, and this date won’t leave her unaffected. This is one of the most   creative ideas to propose to a girl. Put the ring in some original package or a thing has great significance for her, and hide it in the X place. After you find it together, don’t hesitate to lower on one knee and make a proposal.

Romantic Way to Propose: A Picnic on the Beach

You can also tell her that you want to go to the beach to look for some seashells but instead, you will bring her to a quite and beautiful heaven for loving hearts where you will have a picnic date on the beach. A gorgeous spot decorated with her favorite flowers, soft pillows, candles, and lanterns. You will enjoy fresh fruits and her favorite drink before moving on to tasting the cake where she will (accidentally) find the engagement ring. That is one of the ways to have the best romantic date on the beach.
Just like with the letters, don’t forget to ask the local authorities for the permission to organize this date on the beach in Miami at the place of your choosing and at the most convenient time.
Don’t forget to find the less crowded beach or plan the walk for the early morning or the late evening.